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Peter Zuniga
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Peter Zuniga # J65588
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Delano, CA 93216
Hello, everyone. I see that the first task of catching your attention is complete. Thanks. Now all I have to do is peak your interest with the limited space I'm given to do so. With my right hand extended, I say to you in the most delicate demeanor, " it's a pleasure to meet you."

I've been away from home for a long time and I must be honest. It gets lonely behind these walls. Now, what must I say to hold on to you? Well, if you're looking for that " convict" to feed you every line from the book of, " Jail House Drag.", or he who simply feeds you what " he thinks" you want to hear, then I'm the wrong guy for you. Yes, I'm a convict, but not by choice. It's only because the misfortunes of a misspent youth; when I was a boy, I thought like a boy. I am now a man of intellect. That, is by choice! I'm a simple man who is looking for one who will be accepting of a mere, but grand friendship.

I, myself self do not like being judged or stereotyped, so you will not receive such from me. I am a very avid reader to non - fiction books. For some reason, fiction is a bore; and I love writing. I'm fascinated by the paean of a cold stormy night while listening to the sultry voice of, Diana Krall or the sounds of Coltrane. Rather than being under the scorching sun seeking shade.

I'm a young man with a very "old soul". Well, that's what others might say, but I simply credit my father for that. It's how I was raised. I'm thankful for it too. Trust in me that I am not looking for a relationship. I've learned through experience that the best relationship to keep with one in prison is a friendship. Romance tends to sour when you finally accept that I am in prison. I am a single man and for the respect to those husbands, I am not looking for a "sly", bored housewife. I respect marriage very much. So....I'd rather be alone than be that one to ruin a marriage.

All are welcome to respond. I will write you back. Your time deserves my time. Did I mention that I'm a very shy man? Indeed so .....this paper has been my "ear" for so many years now and although I may not seem to be shy, I am. Give me time and I'm sure my shell can crack. It will.....Well, I'm sure I can go on, but I'll save that for our letters. I'm sure if I haven't peaked your interest yet, I probably never will.

I do thank you for your time and hope to get to know a little more about you soon.

Always, Albert
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