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Francisco Zapata
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I'm Francisco J. Zapata, 36 years old, serving 75 years for murder conviction, since April of 1995. (April 6 till May 30 in Juvenile and May 30 till now as an adult). I'm Hispanic, born in Texas, but grew up in Mexico, until August of 1993, when I came to Texas. (DOB 08-13-78)

Being locked up at 16 years old, I have been indigent most of my prison time. This made me learn to draw to sell my art to get my daily needs and hygiene, etc., etc.

Right now, my need is financial. Honestly, here in Texas prison, we can't earn a penny by working or nothing "legally". If a Texas prisoner does a "hustle" to get hygiene, food, clothes, etc., etc., it is by breaking prison rules.

I have tried to do it myself, via my artwork, but being in seg is harder for it is all closed. I have gone without personal needs, because I don't like to ask for money or nothing, but it's been just hard.

So, I try to find a place/person (s) out of prison to help me financially and in return I will draw portraits/and whatever for them and this is my search now.

There have been places that said they will help me, I send my art and never heard from them again and since we
(I ) can't do nothing to reclaim this, we (I ) lost our artwork.

I can't receive money or cash. Only money orders with prison money slips to purchase things from the prison store. We cannot receive any hygiene, food or clothing, everything must be purchased from the prison store. If you are able to help me, write and I will send you a trust fund slip. Or, you can sign up with and send money into my trust fund with that service. You can also write emails and I will receive them.


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I have learned English (mostly) here. Being in segregation, I do a lot of exercise to keep myself in shape. I study the Bible and listen to the radio. (country, Christian, a little Hip-Hop and R & B music.)

I can't talk much of things, I guess, because I don't know anything in America but what little I knew of Texas before I was incarcerated.

If there is a person or persons that will like to help me financially/or by trying to sell my art via the Internet, I will draw portraits "in return" of your loved ones, kids or something. I know nothing is free in life, so, all I can offer "in return" is my art work, which I try my best to do better each time.

I have done a lot of mistakes and can't do nothing for yesterday, but a lot for today and tomorrow. So, I am trying to learn from my wrongs, problems/and situations and seek honesty and a better lifestyle. This is why, I'm telling honestly needs/situation and search, so I don't have to be hiding tomorrow and playing with people and closing doors that open. (You can visit the Texas prison website, to know if I'm here for what I said, my housing location and all of my prison record, if you don't believe I have told the truth.)

I prefer to be honest and if someone helps me and talks to me, it will be an honest condition, not deceitfulness.

Well, Thank you for your time......

Francisco J. Zapata

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