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Julius Yankaway
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Tucker, AR 72168
Greetings........     I possess an outgoing personality, down to earth attitude and a well defined outlook on life.  I'm a very open - minded and outspoken person who enjoys conversing on many different levels.  I consider myself to be a " Universal Kind of Person" because of my versatile swagger.  I'm also loyal, trustworthy and honest.  Plus, I'm a very good listener and advice giver too.

I have a passion for helping people through mental discomfort.  I would like to be a part-time outreach counselor/motivational speaker along pursuing my dream of being a fulltime entrepreneur.  I'm a very ambitious young man who strive relentless in "anything" I engage myself in.  I also have a passion for cooking.  Plus, I also enjoy writing poems on my free time.  I'm a movie fanatic too!  I love watching movies.  My top five favorite are " Love - N - Basketball, Law Abiding Citizen, Belly, Letter From Home and Ambush".

I'm on a quest to find someone that I can share myself with wholeheartedly, someone who don't mind allowing me to become a part of their world and doesn't feel that I'm beyond reach due to my current situation.

I'm seeking for some good companionship.  I'm interested in offering myself as someone you could consider a friend that you can be yourself around and confide in and share thoughts, ideas, problems and etc. with.  I'm seeking the same in return, a person that looks pass where I am and into who I am.

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