Ray C Woodfork 35


Ray Woodfork
Mailing Address:
Ray Woodfork #V66120
C3 - 201U
Calipatria State Prison
PO Box 5006
Calipatria, CA 92233


Life Is about taking chances, Right? Everything we do in life is a risk. We all make mistakes were only human, its about what we learn from our mistakes that creates character and defines a person. I've learned a lot about myself since being incarcerated. I can honestly say I know who I am and what I want out of life.

I led an interesting life prior to my incarceration, but I since rededicated my life to the lord. All I've been through since 12-6-82 has shaped me into the god fearing man I am today. I'm a very athletic individual love all sports, I favor basketball, even played a little college prior to prison

I stand 6'-6.5" weigh 215 lbs very outgoing, love music, reading, writing, chilling with family, and friends. I'm very close to my mom she's my best friend. I'm originally from Stockton,CA Very humble down to earth guy don't take myself to serious just a positive person a real straight shooter.

If you wouldn't mind corresponding with somebody in my position I would really love to hear from you, today! I respond to all my mail you wanna know more just ask!

I'm only looking for friendship nothing serious ' WOMEN ONLY'! I'm not interested in how much money you make. Nor am I looking for any charity or sympathy just friendship I'm taken care of.

I just want someone I can share my day with. Learn about and get to know on a personal level. Its no better feeling in prison than to hear your name at mail call! Its blessing to have people who care enough about you to write you a letter. So if you write I can only see it as a blessing!



                                                                     Favorite Place To Visit: My Grandmothers Home
                                                                                     Hometown: Stockton, CA
                                                          Proudest Moment: Giving My Life To The Lord / Going To College
                                                                                 Favorite Animal / Pet : Dolphin
                                                                                     Favorite Book : The Bible
                                                                       Favorite Food: Double Bacon Cheese Burger
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