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Life is a train ride and at the many stops along the way, people important to us get off. Some never get on again, until eventually we reach our destination.....

In my worst dreams and in the most desperate moments of my life, I've never been so profoundly frightened. And, in my personal image of myself as a man, never allowed the possibility that I could be so unmistakably humbled by fear as I am now. Until this time of my life, I never realized the depth of my capacity for fear.

Life offers infinite possible roads and sometimes your head chooses the route, sometimes it's your heart and sometimes, for better or worse, neither head nor heart can resist the pull of fate. And, it seems a though time is slipping away into a forever lost existence, no different than the black hole at the far end of the Universe. That same aspect of time still remains when the hole closes just goes to show how black the world could be, joyless and lonely and that's the reason for my fear now.

Even still, that's not a reason to be alone. In all actuality, it gives us more reason to find people to love, people to share our lives with, to open our hearts and minds, to depend on, cherish and give someone else the joy of having someone to depend on, when they feel alone.

Caring for someone and knowing that they care for you, be it friends or family, that's what keeps us from spiraling down into the vast void of nothingness and pain and self-loathing that surely comes with being alone....Because the train is almost empty....

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