Frank James Wiley 55


Frank Wiley
Mailing Address:
Frank Wiley #1277434
Eastham Unit
2665 Prison Road #1
Lovelady, TX 75851

My name is Frank James Wiley. I am a single, Black male. My height is 5'8", my weight is 180 lbs & I love to smile. I'm very open minded, honest and kind hearted.

When I was in the free world, this is what I'd like to do: barbecue, going to movies, going out to dinner and dancing, going to the beach and fishing. I like football and baseball; I love working on cars. I'm a Certified Mechanic. I also like to spoil my friends... I'm a very good cook!

I'm looking for a female pen pal friend to correspond with. I wish I could find me a beautiful wife.

Listen at this; let me tell all women the reason why I'm locked up. My daughter's boyfriend was beating her up and I went over there and jumped on him. So, that is the reason why I am in prison. I don't like men who hit women.This is a little something from me to all women...

"Like the rising sun brings dew light, everyday or the rotating clock hands that passes time away, like a beautiful rose that has come to bloom. As the fair weather of springtime resumes a clean slate, to live a fresh chance, to try embracing hands and letting go of goodbyes. This hug I extend and lend to you. My hope, my friend, and my                                                              someone new."

Please pick up your pen and write me and I promise you will not go wrong. I know God made all women beautiful that are out there. Any race, any size... does not matter, because I think all women are beautiful and desire to be loved. So, feel free to ask me any questions and I will respond 100%.




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