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James West 11154-040
PO box 305
Jonesville, VA 24263










     Hey, what's good?!  My name is James West.  My peers call me Jamo.  I'm 28, 5'8", 200 pounds, mixed with Black, White.   I'm from Lansing, MI, born and raised!  I've been locked up since 2002.  I got out for about 8 months, then they re - indicted me for something that happened in prison.  I ended up with 30 months;  Crazy situation, but it's almost over....I got about 13 months left before I go do the 1/2 way house, then I'll be done!  The little guy in the picture is my son.  His name is James, he's 9 years old.  That was our first X-mas together, so that's why I chose it.  Anyway, a little more about me...I'm very optimistic about life.  I constantly push forward through whatever situation and try and make the best out of the worst you know....

     I work out everyday and try and stay in shape.  I do a lot of reading and writing.  I write Rap music, poetry ..and I do  Rap myself.  We have a label called "Moneygogettas Entertainment";  well known in my city.  I have music recorded and plan on continuing when I get out.  I have My Space you can check my music out on.  Like, 3 songs I recorded in 2008, that's just a lil something though!

     I'm pretty down to earth, spiritually inclined.  I try and have a balance with everything.  My main goal is to live life, raise my son and have a positive and safe environment for him and be a good father figure.  We already have a beautiful relationship.  We're both just waiting!!!

     As of right now, I'm in search for a friendship that could possibly go beyond prison; I'm single...  so that door is open for that compatible person.  I love to write and conversate, so if you clicked on me and you're interested in communicating and getting to know me better, that's what's up and I'm waiting on your response...check my poem out.  My screen name is " Jreal",  (Lansing, MI).  Let me know what you think.  There's plenty more to come....Stay Peaceful

                      Always...James West  

             Click Here to read James poetry.


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