Corey West # K 57833
PO Box 999
Canton, Il  61520


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     Hi...There are so many elements of the free world that I miss and beautiful women are at the top.  A connection to any genuine lady will be the best thing going on for me at this point.  If you can look at my reality and still accept me as a friend, or a pen pal, then I'll meet you half way. 

     Quality is better than quantity when wisdom has something to say about it.  I'm looking for someone who's loyal, honest and sincere.  Someone who can take the time to change a stranger's fate.  I'm lonely and the long years haven't changed that. 

      I'm compassionate, courageous and eager to receive a letter from you.  I love to write, read, exercise and practice Yoga.  Working for what I want isn't foreign to me either.  If these words speak to you, write me and maybe we can solve this "lonely" problem I have. Thanks for reading my ad.                               



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