Stacey Wells F 80984
CSP - Solano 1-106
PO box 4000
Vacaville, CA 95696-4000



Prison....The home of the tortured and forgotten souls, where lives are only numbers sometimes easily erased!!!

     Hi!  My name is Mr. Stacey Wells.  I'm an African American who stands 5' 11" tall.  I weigh approximately 170 lbs.  And, I'm considered to be an adequate male.

      Now, despite the years without female companionship, my moral and social fortitude still requires me to maintain a deep appreciation for womanhood.  I do realize that in today's society, so many people are taken for face value and because of that, prison would appear to be the last place someone would look to find a friend or even a potential companion.  At any rate, I'm seeking a woman who'll allow me ( even at the mercy of pen and paper)  to establish a relationship predicated upon the principles of truth, trust, sincerity & honesty;  A woman endowed with an understanding heart to realize that I, by virtue of this physical impediment, can do but so little in the context of appealing to the politics of her physical needs and matter how strong the urge to do so! 

     Truly, I believe I'm being honest and straight forward and would like to communicate with someone who can appreciate these qualities, for I am sure, like me, you've had your fill of shallow, superficial acquaintances.  Besides, what is important is not where you find those qualities that we seek in a friend or companion, but that we were blessed to find them at all.  And, all though we may not be able to be in each other's world physically at this present time, we can still view these two worlds through writing and our imagination.

      I do hope that you will afford me the opportunity to get to know you and until then, may your health, happiness and well-being forever dominate a state of un - yielding perfection.





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