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Rodney Warndahl
Mailing Address:
Rodney Warndahl #145648
5329 Osgood Avenue N
Stillwater, MN 55082
Greetings and thanks for clicking on my ad!     My name is Rodney Warndahl.  I'm very happy to get acquainted.  You're welcome to call me Rod.  After over twenty years locked up, it'd be wonderful to finally  find a pen pal.

I make the best of prison, refusing to let it drag me down.  My attitude is always positive.  My sense of humor and creativity remain great.  I keep busy as possible playing guitar, reading, working at my job or on hobbies, watching television, etc.  Since being incarcerated in 1987, I've even earned college degrees.

I've brightened my life sentence.

Still, times do get lonely around here.  My people on the outside are few now.  Plus, I don't socialize with many in this place.  I often feel empty.  Nothing could relieve my emptiness better than mail from somebody special, like you.

I'm so hopeful the two of us may start to exchange our letters soon.  Consider me an open book.  I'll tell all you wish to know.  You're invited  to tell me about yourself in return, too --  whatever you feel most comfortable sharing.  There is lots of good stuff to discuss. We'll enjoy meaningful conversations.

If you desire lasting, sincere friendship with this divorced, 6' 3" tall grandpa and former Navy man ( born in October of 1962), please write.

Thanks again!

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