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Jaime Villa
Mailing Address:
Jaime Villa #AA5789
ASU 171
Corcoran State Prison
PO Box 3456
Corcoran, CA 93212
     Well hello, I hope these few words help break the ice, and lead us to a good start!

At the expense of making a fool of myself, I will put my introductory skills to the test on this quest to place a smile upon your intrigued face. I do so in the name of first impressions and the possibility of gaining a friend. So, kick your pretty feet up on that couch, relax for awhile and let me get to it. The name is Jaime, 24 is the age, I'm 5'7" from ground to crown. As time flies by, I'm inching closer to home. There's no two like me. One of a kind they say! Like a diamond amongst rubble that hasn't been found.

I'm looking for that special woman who can help through these times. I'm a down to earth kind of guy, with many hopes and dreams, looking forward to a new horizon. I'm filled with compassion, positivity and changed ways. In my short years I've been through and learned a lot. I'm not here to play games or claim to be a so-called                                                             "Romeo". What I offer is companionship refined to perfection, with a splash of laughter to sweeten up each day.

I would love to hold the key that turns your frown into a smile. You don't have to be a star to be in my show, (Just be Yourself), I'm not one to judge. I'm offering " unconditional friendship!" Whatever destiny awaits is a mystery to us both, so if you like what you hear, then put pen to paper and slide the letter and a picture my way. We will take if from there, OK ? Until then, I'll tip my brim, kiss your hand and excitedly await your letter.

Yours truly,
Jaime Villa

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