Nickolas Alonzo Vega 28


Nickolas  Vega
Mailing Address:
Nickolas Vega #18764976
Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution
2500 Westgate
Pendleton, OR 97801
It has been a long and rough road through the legal system, but so far I've managed to get through it with a level head. I have a very relaxed demeanor, and try my utmost to get along with everyone. I'm a firm advocate and believer that you can't ever have too many real friends, and I never discriminate against anyone's religion, sexual preference, culture, lifestyle, gender, age, location, or skin color. What I've learned is that the qualities of what we define our best friends should be, often preside in people we'd normally never talk to, so I make it a point to be open with everyone.

Music is my common bond with all humanity, because I speak the language very well. Before prison, I was making music and hoping to join a band. Having been a singer for 15 years now, I am planning to join/make a band here, and join another when I am released. I diet regularly, work out somewhat and attend as many programs here as I possibly can to be able to make the quality of life more positive in general.

I am a part of Toastmasters, which is a program based on learning to speak better publicly, because I've been a timid person all my life, and want to change so I can better help myself and others. I aspire to have a support system of people from all walks of life, helping each other out with our daily lives, enjoying each other's company while growing at the same time.

My goal in life, beside making music (and playing a ton of video games :) is to make life better for everyone I associate with. I am looking for friendships/relationships with all kinds of people; nerds, jocks, gamers, intellectuals, etc,. I bought an MP3 with money I saved from my Chow Hall job, so I'm able to be emailed through as well, with sharing enabled. I want to start building my support system while in prison, so if you took the time to read this, and you want a positive, healthy friendship, then you are the type of person I'd like to have in my life. I hope to hear from you soon!


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