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SWM, age 57, looking for gal to write & email. I'm a native of Bergen County, N.J. I've worked as an automotive technician and later started two of my own businesses. One was excavating where I specialized in Bobcat work for homeowners. Mostly doing home improvements such as additions, pools, landscaping. The other was in two-way radio, where I sold and serviced Kenwood brand and also some Motorola and Midland radios.

My background in Dutch, Polish & Checz. future plans are to buy a motor home and travel the country with that special gal, either an old flame or someone new. I would like to see Paul Mc Cartney in concert and meet him. Those gals from NJ must be special because Paul married one! So, if you have the same interest please write and say hello.

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                                                                 Record by: Roy Van Wyk

I grew up in Wyckoff, NJ, during the sixties. My earliest memories of music on the radio, as I watched my father repair appliances in our basement, are "Telstar", by the Tornadoes (1962) and " Walk Right In" by the Rooftop Singers (1963).

Dad who worked in a hardware store by day, repaired appliances at night for extra income. As I listened to his tabletop AM radio, I thought the groups and singers were actually in the studio taking turns singing and playing their instruments. It's ok to laugh at that! I don't remember when I learned that a DJ was playing records.

Our two top 40 stations were WMCA 570 AM & WABC 770 AM. Anyone remember them? When I heard a song I liked there was nothing more exciting than walking downtown to the WT Grant store and looking at all the new releases. 45's came in a sleeve to protect the record. Some had picture sleeves so you could see what your favorite group looked like. Some of these are collectors items these days. When I bought the 45, I rushed home to get it on the turntable, called a record player then. Of course I played it over and over again, very loud....getting the folks angry.

Today kids can download songs off the Internet for about what we paid for a 45 ( $ .79 cents) But, the excitement is gone and of course no picture sleeves. Also, before a guy started driving...what better way to ask a gal on a date? " Would you like to listen to some records together?"

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