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Laurinburg, NC 28353







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                                        What's up?  

     Hi, my name is Ricky.  I'm 24 years old, white, 6 ft, 180 lbs., of cut up muscle, no kids, no bad habits, I'm disease and drug free and I'm a non - smoker.  I work out all the time, because I'm very serious about my health and trust and believe me it shows.  I graduated in 2004.  I have blue eyes, brown hair and a really nice smile.

      I'm been locked up since March 7, 2008.  I'm here for an armed robbery my homeboy did, but I wouldn't tell on him, so I got charged.  But, that's ok.  I believe everything happens for a reason and I go home in 2014.  Now that I'm in prison everyone's turned their backs on me.  I have no friends anymore, except my Mom.  My girlfriend was tragically taken from me in a car accident just 3 months after my getting locked up.  That ripped out my heart and left a hole in my chest.  Sometimes life isn't fair.  I'm all by myself and the loneliness and separation from life really sucks.  I do have high hopes for the rest of my life though. 

     A little about me.  I'm a loyal friend, a hopeless romantic and I guess you could say I'm a Southern Gentleman, with a New York style swag.  Some of my passions are drawing, tattooing and singing.  I enjoy having a good time, love to dance and go to concerts.  I would rather give than take.  I'm in need of a good friend, maybe more....who knows?  Luck?  If you want to make a Hell of a friend, who is a great listener and won't judge you and will accept you for the person you are , then write me all I ask is " Keep It Real".  


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