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My request is simply that we all look deeper and discern that the intent here is by no means to indulge in the superficial gambit of race carding. Because the most significant aspect the intent here is by no means to indulge in the superficial of our composer here is his belief that in color exists the same element at two different degrees. Which sometimes possesses a opposite side of strength and weakness better service to achieve life balance or one's fairness. However, there's a country of traditional valued provisional thinking that continues to attenuate many life lessons and concrete principles of culture, stratums and ethnicities. That have been manipulated for conditional motives. and beneficial falsities in a entertainment of claimed diversity. When the truth is shallow exchanges, economic decisions, as well as personal similarities, all veils the fear, selfish esteem, escapes and lack of cultural education attached to real live race conversations. So, from a judicial perspective of protecting social morality there has been no cleansing of our authority structure, no inducement of our civil rights era, nor any assessment against a anachronistic law. Which means the morale of legislature ligatures are heavily misapplied. Yet, logically understood in today's statistical facts, are 85 % of Black men convicted in this country have been through the minds of all White trial juries. And Black men in small town judicial courts are 92% more likely to be sentenced to state prisons for the same charge committed by other groups and 75% of Black men incarcerated in predominately Caucasian New York state counties have alleged some form of police corruption based on relationships or consensual sexual affairs with White women. Therein, my expression to you is that I'm a strong Black man; Whom persistently weathers the storm over a foul legal circumstantial reality that have landed me in prison wrongfully. Due to a very sick mob style legal system that has been working in this country for eons surrounding a hate associated with Black men and White women. Which meant in consequence of me being a young, Black male from a big city in a small town. This new experience with a much older Caucasian woman,; who happened to have had a husband that was the brother of a known corrupt detective, unknown to me. Satisfied I would be targeted and harassed, then I turned into the culprit of a drug house robbery operated, according to police documents, by the son of a State Trooper and daughter of a doctor. Shockingly, my conviction was based on a malicious photo process, where I was placed in array # 1, picture 6. But, switched to array # 3, picture 6, who had been picked out as the gun man. Secondly, a specific detective furtively added items to a SUV truck. I only discovered before being driven to New York City. Third, DNA evidence of an informant to this crime was suppressed by police. Fourth, during the time of this incident, I had no use of both of my hands...period....and a home aide assisted me with all daily activities. Yet, the composer of this lynching denied me four federal expert doctors to testify that I could not have been the masked gun man. No one identified me at the crime. So, it's all these proven facts and traditional causes being a temporary affair with a White woman at a young age, that still sits in the fraudulent legal enforcement of law. Even at the control of a Black president, who equally pretends to not witness the ostracism of his father and Mother's story, along with a large amount of other bi racial experiences that confront some portion of discrimination on this issue. In any event , my making the effort to you is crucial, if we are to surmount the same impediments that create only shades of racial injustices. Since it's very essential a process of seeing color, but erasing biasness, take form and hearing labels, but finding substance began to challenge the superior personality of hateful authority tactics. If justice is not to remain a tool for bigots.
                                                                                                 "Free the Good People"

Raise up people! Since the real issues are that common people are most affected by all interdependent injustices. In many respects, law has become a tool of reduced social responsibility. So, there's little accountability for it's perversions. Out of the 1.5 million people that go through prison each year, people need to really get the fact that 2/3 live under the poverty line, 2/3 have went without two parents in the home; 3/4 have received poor education results and 90% of convictions are achieved by quick plea bargains. Plus a alarming fact by the Innocent Project reveals nine thousand people a day are expected wrongly confined.
Life in the bulk of our communities are from welfare to prison fare! A cheap and profitable societal net that don't reach the people they harm remain the reality.
Therefore, what you see in your streets from the youth largely may not be all innocent, but I'm certain the lack of ( Justice Fights) have usurped authority in our homes and community. Because it's too easy to judge us all wrong!

p.s. If you wish to connect with my personal fight or review some of my programs and books on helping troubled youth, you are very welcome. We must confront the obligation to pull prisoners and troubled youth back to the community table! There's truly more faith in us than wall street and corrupt police.
                                                                                         "I Live From My Heart"
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