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As owner and webmaster of Cellpals, nothing makes me happier than to know that our efforts are rewarded, by one of our clients asking to be removed.... because they have found someone special.  Cellpals was started to help people in prison find a reason to be positive.  That happens, in part, when an inmate truly finds someone to love.  They may not all work out, in the long run, but it doesn't on the outside either.  It gives them a reason to do better, stay out of trouble, so they won't be denied the privilege of writing to someone or visiting. So, we're proud when one "our's" asks to be removed.  Cellpals has been in operation since 1999, I have personally been doing it since 2006.  In all of that time, only one person has asked to be removed because they were unhappy with our service.  That's pretty good!  Thanks to all of you that trust us, and thanks for writing these guys/girls.  We decided to do the testimonials, if for no other reason than that WE can come back and read them, if we become discouraged.  Sometimes the guys don't get responses. ( the girls always do...can't you just imagine? (smile) ) And, it's heartbreaking, because they think it's because they are not worthy.  All I can do it promote each one, to the best of my ability.  We started on 04-22-09 with the testimonials.  We've had many, but didn't keep them.  I invite you to follow us and see how the page grows.  If you're reading this far, you care about the Criminal Justice issues in America.  They are huge and not a good thing.  Thank you for caring.

Alice Stephenson/Webmaster












12-21-10 ...." I want to write and thank you for putting me on your site.  I appreciate the service that you had provided for me.  I write and ask, though, that you please take me off of your site, because I have found someone through your site that I want to spend my life with.  None of this couln't of happened for me, if it wasn't for you all doing the things that you do for inmates like myself.  I want to thank you all and also wish you all a Merry christmas and a Happy New Year's.  


01-04-2010....." I'd also like to thank everyone on your staff for all the help they've given me.  Your services are very highly appreciated and your company is second to none"



11-22-09 .....Thanks once again for doing what you do.  Your customer service rocks!  http://cellpals.com/hendersonchristopher1007.htm



11-12-09  .....First, I'd like to thank you for the beautiful service you've offered me in these past few months and I'll always continue to tell friends that out of all the sites I've ever ever tried your's is # 1, because I've found the person of my dreams.  I will presently like to have my ad removed.  Thanks again for a beautiful and respectful service..."          Peter Blackford from New York.  His site has been removed.

11-12-09 ......."  I want to start this off by saying "thank you" for everything you've done and or attempted to do for me.  Wow!  I have never in my life conducted business with a pen - pal website who is as honest as CellPals.  I accidentally overpaid and you returned my stamps to me.  Wow!!  "                    http://cellpals.com/grahamjames0408.htm

04-22-09  .........I have met the most beautiful, caring, educated, intelligent, sweetest, cutest ( I could go all day) woman to ever walk the face of this earth.  ..................my search for love is over, I have found my soul mate.......& I send this letter to ask you please discontinue my site, as to keep it would be a disrespect to my fiancee'........Michael Mallory....http://cellpals.com/mallorymichael1007.htm


05-09-08.......Alice Stevenson
Webmaster of Cell Pals
Dear Ms. Stevenson,
Please post this testimonial on your cell pals website for your efforts are to be rewarded. As the result of your service placing an ad for Michael Mallory, I can say that I have finally found "TRUE LOVE"!  My search is over......Michael is one of the most handsome, intelligent, educated, caring, Christian men to grace God's green earth that I have ever met.  I am his fiancee, soul-mate and life-partner and I want him to know that I Love Him Very Much!
Gina Green of Round Rock, Tx.

Your site is awesome!  Within the last month I have met and made 6 friends.......


Sent: Thu 6/04/09 1:50 PM


   good afternoon fron austin, texas, BABY!!!  ;-)
ok, i started writing a fine woman and we agree it's time to get her ad removed.  what do we do?