Michael Taylor 46


Michael Taylor
Mailing Address:
Michael Taylor #Z-549/F 11
Holman Correctional
Holman Unit 3700
Atmore, AL 36503-3700

Dear Friends to be,

Greetings from Alabama.  Time moves so slowly on the row that I must reach out for someone to write to.  I am 40 years old now, been incarcerated since 19.  In a place that usually gobbles up young men and spits them out.  I matured and persevered.  My time in this world is uncertain, but what is certain is I can't do this journey by myself anymore.  I would very much like to meet someone with many of the same interests as myself.

I love to write long letters.  It enables me to leave this place for a moment.  I am a Scorpio.  I like to read books about History, like WW2 and the old Roman days.  Music is one of my favorite joys, from Rock to a little Blues.  Love Pink Floyd, Metallica, Chevelle, Down to the Eagles and even a little Johnny Cash.  I am the biggest sports fan.  I play sports, lift weights and read about my fave teams each day.  I love to stay in shape mentally and physically.  I'm very well educated, can speak to a wide range of topics from politics and places around the world, to movies and world events.

I have no bias to males or females, will write anyone back who takes the time to write me.  I believe you get what you put into something.  I'm looking for someone e who is articulate, loves to write, loves to laugh, loves to share ideas, enjoys the outdoors, likes movies, is reliable and does what they say.  I'm waiting to hear from someone who basically wants to dive headfirst into a long lasting friendship, will listen, not judge and who sincerely loves sharing life experiences.  Can't wait to receive your letter.

Michael Taylor

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