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It's not everyday that an opportunity is placed before us that we should in no way what- so- ever...... let pass by. Most days we spend just going through the motions, not even anticipating that something special is waiting just around the corner, to change and effect our lives in a much needed and positive way. And, then one day, that something special finally arrives~!

At this very moment I wish to be that special opportunity that was destined to enter your life today and definitely change it for the better!

My heart is honest, my soul is lively and my mind is open to the endless possibilities that life has to offer. I've traveled many roads and met all kinds of people, from which I've learned from then all. And I like to think that                                                  from time to time, I've taught a well received lesson along the way myself!

Although I've made a mistake or two as we all have, I still believe I can have a major impact on peoples lives and the world also, in my own little way. But, I'm sure all of my " Haters" would beg to differ; Too bad they'll continue to be proven wrong as usual!

It's impossible to cram all of who I am and what I stand for in this small amount of space, because I've lived a very full life so far and I'm constantly growing mentally and spiritually.

So, the best way for you to experience who I truly am is to contact me directly and take advantage of destiny and the opportunity that's been placed before you today! Add a little spice to your world; because I guarantee I can make your life taste a little bit better, if you give me a try!

Before I go, always remember.....peace of mind is never hard to find, becaus3e it's always within you!

Peace and Love!!!

Hopefully a new friend,

Mahiri S. Taylor

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