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My American English vernacular is spectacular, but it is my most sincere desire to keep my appeal into your mind pure and simple.  The majority of men on websites may be looking for what is known as a "wife".  On the other hand, I desire to get to know a really intelligent " trustee".  I believe that each human being does nave a role to fulfill and must act in a certain manner in dealing with other people in spite of an individual's race, religion, creed, nationality, political belief, age or physical shape or height.  I further believe an individual's conduct and actions must be genuine and based on honesty and trust on all points and at all cost.  Hence, I want a solid trustee in my life;  preferable a Caucasian woman and voluptuous.     It is fairly simple to become familiar with various aspects of people and certain subtle aspects have caused me to fall in love without having discovered whether the liars were legitimately trustworthy and honest to a fault.  Simply put, I have learned that it isn't soulfully healthy to put the love carriage before the thoroughbred, or jump into a love cart, until I have completely discovered an individual maintains the one essential quality that holds together any relationship, friendship or marriage.  That is to say, trust is mandatory in my book and a prerequisite to me ever falling in love again.  Trust and believe that!

Therefore, since trust is mandatory in my book and if you are interested in knowing owing where I have been in the grand scheme of things;  can I trust you will read the "limited publication" of my finalized 129-page biography ( All Rights Reserved) entitled THE RAWEST MANIPULATOR-BROKEN SILENCE to 9/11?  It is filed with the U.S. District Court for the Western district of Arkansas in the case of Kirell Taylor v. MIDNIGHT EXPRESS BOOKS under Civil Case Number 3:11-CV-03128-PKH at Document 16 dated March 12, 2012.  500 plus pages of Supporting Evidence to my book is at Document 18.  Go to:  (

My biography certainly exposes what isn't under a Google search, excluding but not limited to, my Petition to secure my liberty filed on March 5, 2012, with the California Supreme Court entitled KIRELL TAYLOR v. M.D. STAINER, Warden, under Case Number B 203173.  Go to:   The free world has not been told about the injustice I have endured for 13-years to keep me unlawfully incarcerated.

Therefore, if you wish to show me your trustful virtue and (1). have a desire to be wealthy; (2) interested in working with me on various lucrative Intellectual Property designs I have for sell soon to be posted under www.Kingdom of and (3) believe you possess that trusting quality that will cause me to fall in love with everything about you--don't hesitate to write me and show me what you're workin' with.  Until then, I am sincerely, 
Dr. Sadeeq Abdul Al-Haqq Kirell
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