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Scott Szymanski
Mailing Address:
Scott Szymanski #CO 819-3
Unit 1
DSH – Coalinga
PO Box 5003
Coalinga, CA 93210


I'm a Straight, White man, 51 years young, ( DOB 7/30/63) but older in wisdom and younger in spirit and heart. 6 ft, 250 lbs. I'm looking for ANYONE ( male or female) who's interested in either friendship or companionship. I have a good sense of humor and love to laugh. I'm a real down to earth person, who can write and talk on most subjects, enjoys writing and receiving poetry, country music, making new friends & pen pals. Looking to correspond or talk with anyone who's open-minded, non-judgmental, caring, respectful and funny, who won't knock me for who I was at 20, but can appreciate the man I've become at 47.

Basically, I don't have anyone out there writing me and sending me encouraging words, since I was put here in this Hos-Prison, which I'll be in for the rest of my natural life and I don't even have a current mental disorder. My own family all but disowned me years ago and I don't have any contact with them -- their choice, not mine. How sad :( ....... the silence is deafening if you can imagine.

Race, looks, age not an issue....what's inside your heart is what counts to me. Must be in it for the long haul, not just 1 or 2 letters or phone calls because getting mail and having a true friend means a lot to me. I need a real friend that would like a loyal friend for life. I'm a really nice guy, just caught up in a bad predicament. Desperately seeking you to fill the void.....gets pretty lonely in here....just need a good sympathetic to listen??

Since I'm not actually in a prison, but I am locked up here, in a state mental hospital, I'm allowed to make and receive phone calls. The unit numbers are: 559-935-1501 or 559-934-0953. So, you can even e-mail me personally                                                     at:

"I will respond 2 everyone ASAP". Try me, I'm only a stamp away!
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