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Errol Sullivan # 26670-038
Oakdale, LA 71463







Errol has access to email through  You must write to him 1st and he can put you on his list, then you can email him every day, as much as you want for free.  Or, you can email him through CellPals














You must leave an address for Errol to respond to as he does not have access to the Internet.  Cellpals checks his email and forwards it to  him.












     I signed up for CellPals because connecting people who have lost their freedom, to people on the outside who take time out of their lives to reach out to these individuals, is a really nice concept.  Even when most of our rights have been taken away, we can still communicate using technology and the kindness of hearts.  No matter how much our lives are restricted, they will never be able to take away our need for human contact and communication.

     Most of the men I have met while in prison are good men, they just made poor decisions.  Men from all walks of life, and from all corners of American and beyond, are taken from their families and their hometown, brought to these institutions, to pay their debt to society;  Deservedly so.  Most  have left victims out in society whose lives were changed because of our destructive behavior.  A society cannot be truly free and people's liberties protected when there are people who take advantage of these freedoms by causing destruction and hurtful actions towards those who truly appreciate their freedom 

     We take responsibility and the biggest gift we can give to society is to change our lives, and our behaviors;  because one day we will be granted our freedom and return to our communities.  I am truly humbled by this experience and I took a lot of things for granted.  You don't realize how much you miss your freedom....until it's gone.

     As for me, I miss my friends and family.  I miss the social aspect of life and the inspiration I get from meeting good people.  The creativity and innovation of individuals who want to add to the beauty of life and not take away from it. 

     I believe that music is the fuel for the soul and whenever I'm having a bad day, I sit back and listen to some good tunes and just let it all go.

     I love to laugh and I love to learn.  I'm a good listener and love great conversation.   I'm always looking out for people who don't take life too seriously.  Even though I'm in a serious situation, I can still seek the goodness and humor in people.

     Drop me a line if you are feeling the need to seek out like minded people.         


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