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Kendall Starks
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Coleman Medium FCI
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 my friend to be! As I am in search of a lady to befriend that is willing to cross with me the bridge of understanding the forest of a platonic relationship. For such a woman is spiritual. First.. smart, and second has a sexiness within her interior beauty as the finishing touches. Well to tell you a thing or two about myself, goes a little something as such... I am a (Man of God) who stands on the basis of having one life to live. I am a cosmopolite, yes, given to the entire world, where the hue of your skin is concerned: Which allows me to see and explore this life with such a unique eye in my heart can beat no more.
 I am from Orlando, Flordia. A Capicorn in character. I am 6'3" and weigh 250 pounds of what you just might be looking for. All is said until you wake and wanting to know more....


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