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Malik Smith
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What's good love?      

I'd like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts with you, even if a response doesn't manifest, can you at the least include me in your next prayer? Never the less, I'm currently in a special management unit/program, where 23 hours a day....Monday - Friday are spent in a cell. It's through this depth of solitude my desire for companionship is fueled by the reality of my loneliness. Each person who have embraced my struggle & friendship has eventually strayed like the breezy wind that blows on a cold winter night. Even throughout the broken promises, dejection, pain & disloyalty, I maintain a positive outlook in search of friends who understand the importance of a relationship, that won't allow nothing or no one to discourage them from pursuing happiness and caring for another.

Reader, I'm not bias to race, height/weight, religious beliefs, ethnic background or gender; ( straight, bi-sexual, gay, lesbian or transsexual). So, therefore, if you are a person that's 100% genuine, devoted, caring and honest...don't deprive yourself of connecting with a man who shares those same beliefs.

 Release:Life                                  Respectfully,
                                                    Mack Moe B
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