James B Siegfried 50


James Siegfried
Mailing Address:
James Siegfried #055339
Arizona State Prison Safford Tonto
896 South Cook Road
Safford, AZ 85546
Hi! I'm James....a native of Prescott, Arizona, 47 years old. I'm a Christian, a writer ( love to write - I have two novels which I'd love to someday see published.) I'm a good listener, I have a down to earth country attitude, enjoy western, classical and other "mellow" music. I've been in prison 18 years, at least 5 1/2 more, before release. Obviously, I've made some bad choices, done some things that I'm not proud of. But, I'm not a bad guy.

Through years of dedicated study, I've come to understand that decisions about what I focus on, decisions about what things mean to me and decisions about what to do, will determine my ultimate destiny. So, I focus on scripture and my life turns nearly perfect. I believe there is someone out there for everyone and I'm hoping the right person will read this ad and write. She should know that I have no tattoos and I hold no hate motivated political beliefs.

The ideal lady would be bright, witty, intuitive, positive, enthusiastic, with a " cup - half - full" personality. She would need to have Christian values. The perfect lady would be a daily encouragement, understand her own uniqueness; Drop me a line. You never know, together we may discover what we're looking for.

* I didn't join CellPals to gain financially....realistically though, prisoners earn a mere pittance for labor. Average prisoner wage in Arizona is .15 - .35 cents per hour. It can take 2-3 hours to earn a postage stamp.

* Photo on ADOC's website, if it's the same on my prison ID, is of a much younger me - taken in 2000 - so, it may vary slightly from those provided in this ad.
* If you're Gay, you needn't respond to this ad!

* Remember to expect miracles - because you are one! God Bless!
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