Justin Rooney # 1084198
Clements Unit
9601 Spur 591
Amarillo, TX 79107

     I'm the "Roonster"!  I currently reside in the great Amarillo, Texas.  Not by choice, because I hate this city.  I'm serving a Capital Life sentence.  My parole officer is not even born yet. If you can get past that, I guess keep reading this.  

     I like tattoos, if I had any room left to get any and my favorite music is Rock and Roll.  Not much on religion, but a stronger believer in Karma. 

     I'm looking for a girl to share a little of the real world, with a bit of sense of humor.

     Music and movies are my inspiration for life these days.  I like dogs and the  ocean. I've pretty much figured life out by now, only it's a little too late.  Maybe I could be an inspiration on what not to do. 

     Life is all about choices and I see people and hear instances on simple mistakes that are very costly.  Anyone who gets to enjoy life on the outside of these prisons is very lucky and may not realize it.  I try everyday to talk to some of these kids and why it's not wise to do things again that might wind them back here for the rest of their lives.  Write me.


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