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Lance Robles # 611823
Coffield Unit
2661 FM 2054
Tennessee Colony, TX 7586

I'm a lover at heart, a fighter by nature, and an outlaw free spirit......















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Lee Childs, Stephen King, Any art, airbrush or tattoo magazines.






  email me   lancerobles@hotmail.com



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Vertical Tattoo Neon Sign


Neon tattoo parlor sign. Credit: Kevin Rosseel

       (44 years old) ...Compassionate, respectful, honorable, dedicated to rebuilding my life.  Never cruel or into cruelness to others.

     Hard worker, dedicated artist, all mediums:  acrylics, oils, airbrush, tattoos, professional woodworker, cabinetmaker, design work; one of a kind pieces.

     A special guy, not stuck on myself, but know I have the qualities that's wanted in a good man.

     Natural redhead, green/brown eyes, fitness buff.  I love to look good with or without clothes on.....LMAO

     Looking for someone that desires these qualities in a man.  I'm starting brand new.  I been gone 10 years and I have no baggage.  And, I'm wanting to develop a friendship with you ladies out there, to see if just maybe I can find a woman that's compassionate and recognizing the specialness in me, and who is willing to write and share her dreams, her needs and her desires.

     I love music;  from Jamie Johnson's " You should of Seen It In Color", to Craig Morgan's " Almost Home", to Kenny Chesney's " Somewhere With You", to Jason Aldine's " My Kind of Party", to Kid Rocks " Cowboy", to Godsmacks " Voo - Doo", to Drowning Pool's " Let the Bodies Hit the Floor", to Bob Segar's " Turn The Page", to Eric Clapton's " You Look Wonderful Tonight".

     I've got a little over a year to go and I'll begin my life in about 17 months.  I'm a bad ass artist!  And, I'd love to design pieces for any of you girls or guys out there, that's be willing to buy me a subscription to a wood working magazine or Tattoo Magazine, one of a kind design, originals....The art that's on this site is designs I'm doing for my own card company....catalog....as I've been doing that for awhile now.

     I'd just like a friend to help me thru the last of this stretch. 


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