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Seymour Reuben
Mailing Address:
Seymour Reuben #884548
R-B38 U
Airway Heights Corrections Center
PO Box 2049
Airway Heights, WA 99001

I want to thank you for giving me a few minutes of your time, by reading my bio. Thus giving me an opportunity to explain myself some.

I am a member of a federally recognized Native American tribe known as, " The Colville Confederated." I was raised in a traditional minded household. I learned traditional ways from my father and Grandfather; along with uncles and cousins.

Since being incarcerated, my culture and spiritual well being has been my primary focus. I understood that I got away from my traditional up bringing as I progressed through High School, which inevitably landed me a prisoner of the state.

Now eight years into a twenty two year, eleven month prison sentence, I am reaching out in hopes of widening up my circle of friends. I encourage all willing to write. I lead a positively influenced life; even while surrounded by such negativity day in and day out.

I am Chief of our circle here at Clallam Bay. We have sweat lodge ceremonies, along with culture classes for those wanting to learn more about our traditional way of life. We have annual Pow Wow celebration that visitors are allowed to attend and participate in. I, as Chief, am heavily involved in each ceremony that is held. I am honored to hold this Chief position. My goal is to lend any aid possible to our native brothers and sisters in need.

Again, I encourage anyone willing to write, to write. I consider myself a big dreamer with lots of medicine I am willing to share with a newly found friend.

I will end for now/ putting these thoughts in he wind, trusting that you are receiving them with good spirits.


Seymour Reuben

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