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CellPals! is media friendly and will provide interviews, and authorize use of our website for publications and broadcasts when requested.


Our mission statement:

CellPals! is a prison pen pal organization that seeks to aid inmates in finding positive influences during a given term of incarceration. It is hoped that a healthy pen pal relationship will not only be a positive experience for many prisoners, who have had, few but will also aid in lowering the recidivism rates of America's prisons.

It is the intention that if recidivism rates are lowered then not only will our community benefit from lower victimization rates, but so will the prisoners as they are more apt to return to society, after their release, as an active, positive member of society.

Rehabilitation efforts are essential for our communities and for those who are incarcerated. Through community efforts of rehabilitation not only do we succeed by lowering our chances of becoming victims, but also do those who may otherwise have no other hope... the prisoner.
President: Priscilla

"The destiny of human rights
is in the hands of all our
citizens in all our communities."
Eleanor Roosevelt

E-Investigates- "Love Behind Bars" Interview with CellPals' Inmate Quinton Smith 4/21/05
Publication: "Life in the Fast Lane" by MaryEllen Collins Simmons 1999


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