Ronny Polanco # 23739-050
FCI Fairton
PO Box 420
Fairton, NJ 08320











     My name is Ronny and I would like to thank you, in advance, for reading my page.

     Here is a little something about me:  I was born on March 30, 1974, I'm single with no kids, but I would love to have some when I come home.  I don't drink, smoke or do drugs.  I'm open-minded and I have a great sense of humor, which helps a lot being in this predicament. :)

     My hobbies are reading, exercising, ceramics, listening to music, watching movies and Sudoku puzzles.

     I'm currently in Federal Prison.  I work in the Cable Assembly Factory they have here.  I can make pre paid phone calls if you would like for me to call you.

     When I'm not at work, I go to the hobby craft shop and make ceramics for my friends and family.  Hopefully, I will be able to make something special for you??

     Friendship, to me is one soul trapped in two bodies and I would like to have a beautiful friendship that lead to more.  Race and age is not important.

      Your new friend,

























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