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The Reckless Bartender...by: Sheldon Johnson

Solitude ... by: Betty Hines Easley

It Never Hurts..by:  Kenny Gaines

What's Pain?..by..Clifton Goring

Together...by: Clifton Goring

A Barren Heart...by: Robert Newson

What's Pain?..by: Clifton Goring

" A Friend"...by:  James West

Don't Go... by:  Christo Balistrieri - Warren ( Mayhem Blanko)

Only So Many Tiimes..by: Christo Balistrieri-Warren ( Mayhem Blanko)

Happyness...by:      Daniel Roque

A Tear For Yesturday: by: Richard Bayse

Too Long: by: Christopher La Cour Angel Eyes:  by: James A. Morris AKA Gridlock

Temperature of Dehydration....by: Carl Snyder (Brooklyn)

The Temperature of Death......by:  Brooklyn

Food For Thought .....A Friend!!!    by: Calvin Mc Rae

Like A Potter At His Wheel:  by: Michael Clark




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