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I appreciate the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Jonathan Victor Peterson. I'm 31 years old and in high hopes of finding a friend to write and get to know. I got put in "time out" five years ago. I could tell you I've changed, but the truth is I'm pretty much the same person, only hopefully smarter. I enjoy being happy, and it is always good to make someone else smile.

I spent a lot of time playing with cars. I owned a few beautiful low riders and loved cruising on weekends. Going out and having a few drinks was fun too, but most of the time it ended in trouble. It is easy to find trouble in Maricopa County, Arizona, " I have been to a lot of cities and states but always ended up back in Arizona. Now I will be here for quite a while (lol).

I love all women. I don't get picky as long as there is good conversation, a little humor and some fun once in a while. You know, try something new; get your feet wet now and then? I would be honored if you would reach out and get to know me; don't be shy; don't worry about hurting my feelings or even getting too dirty. I'm a big boy and have a lot of time to listen; that's all the time I have! I'm looking to someone to chop it up with, maybe make a new friend.                                                     It's quite lonesome where I am.

                                                    I'm 5' 8", 200 lbs., brown hair, when it's not shaved, green eyes and tattoos all over, a recipe for trouble I guess.
                                                    Yet, with a pure heart, I ask that you write to me, if possible send pictures; maybe we can have some fun.
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