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   Good Evening, CellPal!

     My name is Naseem Perkins.  I'm 35 years old, about to be 36 in September 26, 2010.  Inshaa Allah ( If God will).  My complexion is rich chocolate.  Just like tasters choice, only good till the last drop. ( Smile);  For those beautiful women who love themselves some chocolate,  I have brown eyes and I stand about 5'8" tall and weigh around 200 pounds;  Mashaa - Allah ( what God had willed) and I sport a bald head, with a beard.  I'm bald by choice, just wanna change up the scenery for a minute.  I'm from Philadelphia, PA.  Born and raised.  The home of Beanie Segal, Meek Mill, Patti La Belle and Will South, L.O.L. 

     Ya'll gonna have to excuse me, because I have a sense of humor that you're gonna love.  I also have three children, two boys and one girl ( Zahair 9, Kha-eem 9 and Tonisha 16).  I love kids and I'm a single father, looking for sincere companionship.  Inshaa - Allah ( If God will).  I also love sports especially boxing and women volleyball.  I used to box as a youngster and being raised up in Philly made me even tuffer. 

     I'm looking for friendship; all women who are mature and hold their own and who are almost compatible with me;  Someone who is understanding and caring, funny and has ambition. Someone I can talk to when I can't go to nobody else.  Someone who can give positive feed back and who accepts criticism.  It doesn't matter what race you are, cause I love them all, as long as you are 25 years old and under 50.

      I hope that you can understand me and accept me for who I am today.  Not who I was before.  I'm human, of course, I made a mistake and the best way to learn is from your mistakes or someone else.  I learned how to forgive by the Will of Allah ( Creator of all things that exist) and I hope you can too.  Take a chance with me, invest some of your time and get to know me. 


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