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If you have any questions about our shopping cart, please email us at: support@cellpals.com

Step 1

We offer a variety of ways to create affordable websites for prisoners so first, you will need to start by choosing what it is you wish

to purchase for a prisoner's new website! You may view what we have to offer by viewing our list of purchase options below. You may

also upgrade existing websites from this page.


Step 2

Once you have made your purchase and receive confirmation from PayPal.com that your purchase is complete, you can email the prisoner's biography, pictures, names of additional state placements, and any other instructions too:



OR you can mail the prisoner's biography, pictures, names of additional state placements, and any other instructions to:

PO Box 13278
Las Cruces, NM 88013


CellPals! Complete Package:
Qty: Price: $100.00

CellPals! Complete Package: $100.00

[$ 1 00.00] x ____________ _

Includes: 300 word biography; 3 year enrollment; Power Ball x 2 (2 months homepage placement!); I Counter; 2 Pictures; I Photo or Art Gallery; 10 Additional

state/country placement (excludes your state of incarceration; ­that's free!) 1 copy of site; Book/Magazine Request; Email Service; (for life of packet).Email

Campaign; Thumbnail photo on state page  “ X   2; “ Add a Tune Video; “ , 1 sports logo;   Two photo copies or  two free chick flicks. 

Actual Value if all is paid for separately….$267.00!!!


Pay with PayPal , money order, personal check. When paying with Paypal, please use: support@cellpals.com


CellPals! Power Plan Package:
Qty: Price: $50.00



CellPals! Power Plan Package: $50.00

Includes: 2 year enrollment, 300 word biography, I Power Ball, I Counter, I Picture, I Gallery Placement, I Artwork (or extra photo, or poem), 5 additional  state/country placement, 1 copy of site. Email Campaign, Email service for 6 months, “ X 1”  One photo copy., thumbnail photo on state pages.  Actual Value $ 110.00!!!

Pay with PayPal , money order, personal check. When paying with PayPal, please use: support@cellpals.com


CellPals! Intermediate Package:
Qty: Price: $19.95

 CellPals! Intermediate Package $ 19. 95

Includes: I Year Registration, 300 word biography, 1 picture or artwork, I copy of site, two weeks Power Ball., thumbnail photo on state pages, 1 counter,

1 sports logo.


Pay with PayPal , money order, personal check

CellPals! Starter Package:
Qty: Price: $15.00

 CellPals! Starter Package: $15.00


Includes : 1 year registration, 300 word biography, 1 picture or artwork, 1 copy of site ,thumbnail photo on state pages.

Pay with PayPal , money order, personal check

CellPals! $ 5 AD:
Qty: Price: $5.00

Five-dollar Ad: $5.00
Send in an ad that is up to 50 words with a picture and we’ll post the prisoner on the main page of his/her state of incarceration. The prisoner's address does not

take away from the 50 word count. This option will not give a personalized website, but will place the prisoner on a page that also includes others who have posted

$5.00 ads. * No other options on our price list are available with this ad.  If you choose to have your $ 5 Ad in more states, the cost is $ 5.00 per state.

  Pay with PayPal , money order, personal check

Other stuff...Pay with PayPal , money order, personal check

One Week Photo Feature
Qty: Price: $2.50

One Week Photo Feature:  $2.50 (Your name featured on the First page of CellPals.com)  The Powerball listing is on the Powerball page.


Qty: Price: $10.00

**POWERBALL**: $10.00 (Your name featured on the Powerball page of CellPals.com, with a direct link to the prisoner's website for one month)

Glitter Graphics
Qty: Price: $5.99

   : $5.99 each  ( The Glitter Graphics can be a layout on the page, or graphics or both.  For an example of our pages

                                                                                 with Glitter Graphics, click on this link:  http://cellpals.com/lacourchristopher1209.htm

300 Additional Words
Qty: Price: $5.99

            300 additional words            : $5.99

1 Additonal photo/artwork
Qty: Price: $2.99



1 additional photo/artwork              : $2.99

Renewal of ad
Qty: Price: $9.95

Renewal of ad                                  : $9.95

Bio Change
Qty: Price: $5.99

Ad change: $5.99 (to change the wording of your biography, address changes are free.)

Additional ad printouts
Qty: Price: $3.99

Additional ad printouts: $3.99 each

Photo or Art Gallery
Qty: Price: $2.99

Photo/Art Gallery: $2.99 for each placement

Extra States/Countries
Qty: Price: $1.00

Extra States/Countries: $1.00 for each additional state or country you want the ad to appear in (Don’t include state of incarceration - that’s free!) (Example

if you are ordering 5 extra states, put the number 5 in the cart window.)

Qty: Price: $3.99

Counter - this gives you a count of how many people have viewed your ad! : $3.99

Request for book/magazine donations
Qty: Price: $5.00

Request for Book/Magazine Donations: $5.00

Qty: Price: $2.00

Poems: $2.00 each   We put a link on your personal page to the Poetry Corner.  If you want the poem on your page, please let us know. 

Search Engine Submission
Qty: Price: $12.95

Search Engine Submission: $12.95 (Lists you on about 300 additional sites other than CellPals.com

Email Campaign
Qty: Price: $9.95

Email Campaign: $9.95 (Your ad is delivered to the inbox of CellPals members who are on our mailing list! These are people that have emailed us and expressed

an interest in our CellPals members)  We now promote the sites that include the Email Campaign, on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and many more lesser known sites.

Copy Services
Qty: Price: $1.00

Copy Services           4 X 6 only…..$ .1.00 each        $ .1.00  X__________________...I am sorry but we cannot accept stamps for the copies.


Name Accents... How the prisoner's name will appear on our  state listings!

Bold: $1.00

Qty: Price: $1.00

Enlarged: $1.00 

Qty: Price: $1.00

Italicized: $1.00 
Qty: Price: $1.00

Color $1.50 Pick one: Red ❐ Green ❐ Blue ❐ Purple ❐

Qty: Price: $1.50

Smiley Face Graphic: $2.00

Smiley Face Graphic
Qty: Price: $2.00

Heart Graphic: $2.00

Heart Graphic
Qty: Price: $2.00


Arrow Graphic: $2.00

Arrow Graphic
Qty: Price: $2.00


Music Video
Qty: Price: $10.00

Music Video: .. $10.00. ( Please give us at least one alternate choice)  You can have up to two videos on your page at once. 

Change the video on your site
Qty: Price: $5.99

Change the Video:  If you change the video at a later time, the cost is $ 5.99 per video.  This keeps the content fresh.

Sports Logo
Qty: Price: $1.99

Sports Logos: $1.99 per logo



I. For those of you who do not wish to use the safe and secure online payment services at CellPals! you may click on the following link

to print out an application and mail your check or money order to the address given below.


Official PayPal Seal



With this option you can go ahead and pay now, email us the prisoner's address and we'll do the rest!

Just send us an email telling us where to send the request for information!  For Paypal, please use the following email address:  support@cellpals.com

When we send the order form to the inmate we will outline what has been purchased by you, for the inmate, and what he/she needs

to send in!   If you don't want us to send in an order form we will assume that you have informed the inmate that the site has been

purchased and have advised the inmate of what materials to send us or that you are sending the materials yourself. We will simply

hold this order, place it in waiting status, and wait for either the inmate or you to send in the required materials. Once we receive the

information for the website we will create the website. Once we finish the website both you, and the prisoner, will receive a completion



What does CellPals! need to create a website?

To create a custom website for a prisoner we need the following materials along with payment:

I. Maximum 300 word biography

II. Pictures (if possible)  If there is no picture, please let us know what the inmate likes, i.e., cartoons, movies, colors...so we

     personalize the site....sometimes the inmate has self sketches.  These work just fine.

III. If you ordered it please include poetry, names of additional states, artwork, etc.,

If you have any questions please contact us!

PO Box 13278
Las Cruces, NM 88013




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