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Purchase Website - Payment Chart


Step 1

Please accumulate your totals and make payment here:

Price chart listed below |

Step 2

Please outline your purchase order and email it to us

When you email us you may, at this time, submit:

-Prisoner's Biography

-Send Photo (as an open attachment)

-Let us know if you want a copy sent to the prisoner

-List any additional states for the prisoner name to be listed in

-Let us know if you want a counter

-Let us know if picture/artwork needs to be placed in the gallery

-and any other information that you may wish us to know.

IF YOU WANT THE PRISONER TO SUBMIT THEIR OWN BIOGRAPHY AND PHOTO, after you purchased it for them, click here to get the form:

Step 3

Get Release Form for Inmate

Now that you have purchased, and placed your order, the process is almost complete!
We will start processing your order at this time however- before we can activate the site, and actually make the site available to the public, we need for you to:

1. Print out this release form
2. Send it to the inmate
3. Have the inmate fill out the form, sign it, and mail it back to us. The envelope must be marked as "prison mail" and addressed from the institution.

Once this form is recieved in our office, the new website will be activated and available for public viewing.

Available Online Services


________ The Starter Package X ______

{ $11.95 }

Includes: 1 year registration, 300 word
biography, 1 picture or artwork, 1 copy
of site.
SAVE: $1.02 !

________ The Power Plan Package X ______
{ $ 50.00 }

Includes: 1 year registration, 300 word
biography, 1 PowerBall, 1 Counter, 1
Picture, 1 Gallery Placement, 1 Artwork
(or extra photo), 5 additional
state/country placement, 1 copy of site, 2 months E-Mail service. SAVE: $11.94 !

________ CellPals! Complete X ______
{ $ 85.00 }

Includes: 2 year registration, 500 word
biography, 1 PowerBall, 1 Counter, 1
Picture, 1 Gallery Placement, 1 Artwork
(or extra photo), 1 Artgallery, 25
additional state/country placement
(excludes your state of
incarceration-free), 1 copy of site, 3
months E-Mail service, 1 poem.
Substitutions allowed.
SAVE: $17.83 !


Service Charges

Create Your Own Package For an Inmate

Biography $ 7.99

________ Picture X ______ X $ 2.99

________ Would you like a copy of the site sent to the Inmate? $ 2.99

Would you like the picture to be featured in our online Photo/Art Gallery?
$2.99 each

________ Would you like the inmate to be listed in additional state listings? $ 1.00 per state X ________
Please mail us with the states you request

________ Would you like a counter on the inmate's web page?
$ 3.99

________Would you like to purchase a PowerBall! for the website?
$ 19.95 X ________ months ( limit 2 per order )

________ Place prisoner photo on homepage for one week
$ 10.00 X ________ PER WEEK

________ Place prisoner name on homepage for one week
$ 4.00 X ________ PER WEEK

________ CellPals! E-Mail
$ 7.00 X ________ Month

________ CellPals! E-Mail
$ 50.00 X ________ Year Save: $34.00!

________ 2 Liner Ad
$ 2.99 X ________

________ 2 Liner Ad with picture
$ 5.00 X ________

2-Liner Ads!

Do you just want to go simple and get only a name, address, and a two line short about
a prisoner published on the web? Try our Two-liner Ad option~ It’s only $3.99. A two-liner does not create a personal webpage for the prisoner- this placement allows one to place some quick information about a prisoner on a listing that includes others who have also chosen to make it simple and sweet. It’s easy~ no forms required! Just send in 50 words or less and $3.99~ We’ll do the rest!

$2.99 = ad only
$5.00 = ad + thumbnail picture of prisoner (we'll return the picture!)



Please email: WEBMASTER


Remember: TRYING is better than doing nothing, right?

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