David Ray Jr. Patzold 46


David Patzold
Mailing Address:
David Patzold #1326965
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston, TX 77351

You're looking for someone. You want friendship....love even. So, you came here and found me. STOP!!!

Let's talk about you. What do you need and desire? You can tell me anything. I'm a good listener and a captive audience, who's willing and able to be the best part of your life. Give me a chance and you'll be happy you did.

I'll assume you're still reading and want to know a little about me before you leap out with open mind and heart.

You've sitting on a park bench on a sunny afternoon waiting for our first meeting. People are passing; walking their pets, jogging and talking on the phone and texting their lives away.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere it seems, up walks this very tall ( 6'3:) man with short brown hair and a medium build ( 210 lbs.). You can't tell from this distance, but you could swear you see clouds floating in those bright blue eyes of his. The smile is vibrant and certain as he walks with a sense of purpose.

He reaches you and with an almost baritone voice, introduces himself while lightly taking your hand in his and kissing it most tenderly.

I love to write letters. Poetry too. I'd enjoy hearing from anyone who wishes to know more about what I have inside to offer.

My desires are simple. You must be understanding, caring and most of all, honest. I'm 43, lonely and in prison and I have feelings. So please; no games!!!

Other than my ability to correspond, I can share with you my interests: outdoors, music, movies and romance; but, you'll have to write to find out more.

I'll be here and will respond to all. I'm seeking friendship and if the chance comes, I would most definitely give love another shot.
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