Robert Wayne Newson 36


Robert Newson
Mailing Address:
Robert Newson #14386246
B2 20 B
Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution
2500 Westgate
Pendleton, OR 97801-9699
My name is Robert Newson and I placed this ad with the hope of making your acquaintance.

I've never been partial to one type of woman and have no preference other than honesty and for you to be willing to pick up a pen and paper. It's nice to receive a letter now and then and I would enjoy writing letters in return. I also enjoy writing poetry, performing and writing music of all genres. I truly believe music touches our souls in ways that can't be explained, it's just beautiful and that's what I love about it.

Being a native Californian, I'm an avid fan of the San Francisco 49'ers football team. I'm 33 years old and regretful for the more than a few mistakes I've made in life. Times have definitely been cumbersome due to my own personal shortcomings, but I'm now paying back my debt to society and not just by serving meaningless time, but by bettering myself through a variety of cognitive courses and higher education. Through this experience I've learned that however good or bad a situation is, it will change and the best is yet to come. I've also learned that the best revenge is to live well. I know that if I were to throw my problems into a pile with everyone else's I'd probably grab mine back. So, in essence life really isn't all that bad and I intend to live it to the fullest despite my temporary setback. I have a sincere heartfelt desire to change and a                                                                        willingness to do whatever it is I must do to become a better man.                                                                            Let's give chance a chance and embark upon a meaningful friendship                                                                        together.

I sincerely hope to hear from you soon and as long as we have hope we can recognize the possibilities.

God Bless and I pray that life treats you kindly.

Robert Newson.

                                                                                                         A BARREN HEART
                                                          I'm being consumed by life wasting.
                                                            Not doing anything    
  between the four symmetrical walls
of my life.
Oh, workers! Bring your tools!
let my bars and roof fall,
let air move my blood,
let sun burn my shoulders. 
I am twenty first century iniquity
I spend my day invisible, lifeless
watching from my cell window,
how a branch moves.
My spirit burns and I'm watching it's flame
with the same indifference with which
I contemplate that branch.
You, passing by, don't mock me,
My soul shouts it's crime out loud,
yours hides under it's words



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