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Robert Mullins # 792850
James V. Allred Unit
2101 FM 369 North
Iowa Park, TX 76






         My name is Robert Mullins.  I am 52 years of age, 6'4" in height and weigh 180 lbs.  I have salt and pepper hair, which used to be black, since I'm part Indian.  I am very easy to be around and like to have fun.  In there guys refer to me as " Slim ", because of my thin build and me being so tall.  I have been incarcerated for 16 years and will be eligible for parole in 8 more years.  I am a very friendly and dependable person.  I wish to correspond with either men or women.  I am Gay and want to write either sex and maybe meet someone that I might hit it off with. 

         I enjoy being kind to others and laughing with some about something funny.  My favorite color is blue, and I like different colors of blue;  depends on my mood and my surroundings.  I enjoy going for long walks on the beach or just walking through the woods on a Fall evening.  On the alternative, I like to lounge at home and watch movies or a good show on TV. 

        I've worked on construction most of my life and will probably continue to do so, upon my release from here.  But, I am a rodeo cowboy also.  I ride bulls and broncs and do ranch work during the summer months.  I like to ride horses, camp out in the mountains and ride out on the wide open spaces.  I like fast cars and nice looking ladies.  I get along with everybody though, try to enjoy myself wherever I go.  I enjoy NASCAR races and would like to try that one day.  I like to go to drag races also.  I'm a very work orientated person and do a good joy at anything I work at.  In here, I'm in the Utility Squad, we go all over the unit cleaning and hauling stuff around.  During the unit shakedowns, I have to help the officers with the trash and hauling the mattresses to be inspected for different things.  I like to go fishing, hunting, camping and just enjoying the outdoors in general. 

          I have a relatively long sentence and need someone to write to.  I don't get too much mail and I need somebody to write to help my time go by a little faster and easier.  Please write to me, it will be very appreciated.  Thank you.....

                           Robert Mullins


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