Angel Eyes


Angel Eyes

My dear sweet Angel eyes, you were sent from heaven
in disguise, & your gaze has me hypnotize & mesmerize,
which caught me by surprise, & all I do is think of you
& fantasize.
Viewing you at distant a man can be blinded by
love from your sexy stare, as I fixate on a steady glare &
allow my imagination to become enchanted with a fixation
of something so pretty & rare.
Angel Eyes you are so amazing, & I just can't stop
myself from gazing.
I focus my eyes into yours, making you happy is
one of my main chores.
I have been took, by your beautiful eyes which
has me hooked, on the gorgeous way they look.
When I set my sight in the direction of your
eyes the glow brightens up my day, like a beautiful
rainbow in the sun light shining in a special way.
Every time you are next to me, you take me on
a natural high beyond ecstasy.
All I see is you in my vision, & no other woman
can change my decision, in you I found my safe haven as
people have found in a religion.
I succumb to your whim, with intimate thoughts
of you & I making a sensational love film.
Tell me what's on your mind baby, don't ever think
that I will stop treating you like a queen sweetheart you
are an extraordinary unique lady, next to the woman who
made me.
Now I believe in love at first sight, looking into
your beautiful eyes help me see the light, that shine so
bright & because of you I am able to rest every day & night,
& I'm so happy to have you in my life because you correct
the wrong & made it right.
Angel Eyes.

Author: James A. Morris
AKA "Gridlock"


AKA "Gridlock"






















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