Mark Mc Clendon AG 7967
North fork Correctional Facility
1605 E. Main
Sayre, OK 73662


What it do to all you beautiful wemen wit them beautiful personalities?  Pardon me for not introducing myself right off the back, but I be the one in only young school in, I'm bless to wake up this day 'n have this opportunity to reach out to you beautiful wemen.

      But, yeah though, while I'm at it...let me tune you in on something about me..... like that picture.... it's kind of old, but the only thing that's different is my dreads then got way longer.  But, besides that,  the picture speaks for itself on how I lookin'.  Oh yeah, I'm from California an is looking forward to meeting you beautiful wemen out here. 

     Ok, now that I'm done wit all that, lets see if you can catch my drift.  I'm 'a start it off like this.  Motivation is a key factor in my eyes, I'm tryna see if I can be a motivator of one of yours.  I'm tryna see if I can be that one that motivate you to your dreams and goals.  I wanna see you succeed in life,  'an on top of that achieve them dreams and goals.

      I got a big heart in I'm tryna share it wit somebody, but I ain't tryna get my emotions played wit an it's the samw way over here.  I ain't tryna play with nobody else emotions as well.  I'm just tryna find someone wit a good heart, like me.  I've learned through my 26 years that it's not about how someone look, but if they got a good heart an on top of that a beautiful personality that's what make a woman beautiful in my eyes. 

     So, if you understand where I'm coming from, get back at me....I'm out young school.














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