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Joseph  Manning
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Joseph Manning #790025
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Honestly, I'm somewhat puzzled over the best way to open this introduction... cause there's so much more to me - The Mind, The Soul, The Experiences - than what I'm able to convey in a few short sentences; yet and still, this is my attempt at making a meaningful impression.

I'm a sincere, open-minded, authentically truthful someone. My personality is both colorful and spontaneous, my individuality strong, yet humbled. I've spent the past 18 years of my life confined in captivity ( watching as seasons change). I've done my best to stave off being consumed by loneliness - but, I'm only human and time has shown me how fragile a mans existence truly is without the compassion of a woman. The tender affection, the softness of her sensitivity and delicate femininity; that's something I miss intensely and yearn deeply to rediscover...

I'm an adventurous - energetic, 39 years of age cancer, addicted to the extreme in me so I live life for the thrills in the moment. I consider myself thoughtful, slightly romantic, mildly humorous, fairly intelligent, and modestly handsome. Over the years I've forgotten certain feelings and learned what it's like to feel forgotten. That opened my mind's eye to "seeing"/understanding the measure and priceless value of a true friend....In essence what I'm seeking is something simple - companionship/ a cheerful exchange with someone who understands my struggle. Someone I can talk with and listen to without fear of judgment being passed between us....If you're the someone I've spoken of, by all mean, grace my life with your presence...

Let's recline in the comforts of a casual acquaintance.

For So Many Reasons,

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