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Daniel Luna
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Daniel Luna #V38772
P. O. Box 92
Chowchilla, CA 93610
Let me formally introduce myself. I am Daniel, 34 years old, Hispanic, 5'9" in height, brown eyes. I am loving, respectful, understanding and loyal. I am housed in Northern California. I will be up for parole in 2016 and I want to develop good friendships to continue my success, upon release. I have accomplished many goals. I obtained my GED and two trades in Automotive and I will be a Certified Welder in the near future.  

Here are some things I like to do on my free time;
I like to write when I have someone to share things with. I speak English and Spanish.  I like to learn from others points of views.  We live and learn and grow from each other's experiences.  I am a good listener and  you can pretty much talk to me about anything.  I'm not a judgmental person.

I love music;  70's and 80's, R & B, Old School, Oldies, Alternative Rock. I like sports, reading books, self-help, Psychology and Spiritual. I also like poetry.
Good Qualities;  I am really funny and tend to make people laugh. My biggest quality is that I spend most of my time helping others. I work with inmates that have mental & physical problems I also facilitate self-help groups.  I can remember when I came into prison. I had no direction, I wanted to change, but didn't know how. But, I managed to change so I developed compassion for others, because I lived it.  And, now it drives me to help those that want to change.

Feel free to ask me anything you would like to know about me and tell me about yourself. I will respond to all mail, race unimportant.  Take Care!
Daniel Luna

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