John E Campbell-Lorino 75


John Campbell-Lorino
Mailing Address:
John Campbell-Lorino #78482
Maximum Security Unit
2501 State Farm Road
Tucker, AR 72168
Hello,I have been in prison for 30 years. I am serving a Life Plus 5 year sentence for aggravated robbery and assault on a prison guard. I was also convicted of attempted murder, burglary, theft of property and assault on a jailer.

Alright, if you have not clicked me off yet, my chosen religion is Voo Doo.I am a beginner, so don't expect much. I study Wicca, Magick, S.A.T.A.N.ISM..

I have no interest in becoming a Christian or meeting people that want to save my soul. You do your thing, I respect that.

I am 5'10", 230 lbs. I exercise, study and just exist. I don't play head games. I am looking for real people that know how to keep it real... I am a sincere, serious minded man. I am a bit shy when first meeting a person.

I cannot write overseas or other prisoners. I'm lonely. Send me a letter.

John E. Campbell-Lorino

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