CellPals Lifeline

If you are cruising through the CellPals listings and you happen to see one of these little guys next to a name please take a moment to check that inmate's request out! Why? Because the inmate name that bears this symbol has requested to use a lifeline as he/she has become desperate for mail and has requested specific help in pleading to you for a pen pal.

You will not see these symbols scattered freely throughout our listings and are actually rather difficult to get. They cannot be purchased and are given to those inmates who have displayed a particular, desperate, desire to reach out for outside communication but have, as of yet, have had none.

The letters that we receive sometimes break our hearts because we know that there is not much more we can do to get an inmate a pen pal accept put him/her on our listings. It is our hope that perhaps this symbol will catch your attention so that you will reach out to those who are still desperately seeking friendship when nothing else has worked.

The CellPals Lifeline is simply an idea. We hope that you like it.  

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