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     Looking for opportunities is not guaranteed.  I just hope and pray for the best.

     Right now I'm looking for some friendly female conversation, someone I can share my thoughts and intentions with, all in hopes of becoming something more, perhaps.  All I'm asking for is an open ear.  I have traveled a journey in my life that I would love to share with someone.  See...I'm a real man with so much to offer a real woman, that's willing to take chance with me.  Age and appearance are not only unimportant to me, but insignificant.  I really believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I'm not looking for a perfect woman, just a perfect match.  All I ever ask of a real woman of substance is to remain a woman and keep it real with me;  and all rough edges, I myself can and will smooth out.  I'll be 33 years old March 25.  I'm 6'1", 180 pounds.  Well, I have pictures so far as my looks, you can be the judge of yourself.

     Well, if all the realness in the world wouldn't inspire you to get at me, I do understand.  Just keep in mind that in order to stand a chance, you must take a chance and when you look for the good in others, you discover the best in yourself.  Anyway, I do thank you very much for taking the time of day to recognize me in my never ending quest to meet the most precious and priceless thing known to man.  A real woman and a true friend.  







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