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Lloyd Lees
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Soledad, CA 93960

Even the smallest light, can make a difference in the darkest night.
Eureka! You've found it! I express my appreciation today. "You've found it!" "The key to you", the half that makes you whole.
It's nice you took the time to peruse my Cellpals site. In knowing, A single act of compassion, puts one in touch with his true humanity.
Yes, incarcerated, I am. However "prison confines me....it doesn't define me." Having been ostracized by society, family and friends, and as a result, I'm immune to emotional pain. That is not to say, I'm insensitive, because I'm not. It's just that I won't allow myself to be vulnerable to a vicious assault on my sentiments and intelligence. These human warehouses can ruin a good person, causing them to revolt against the world, if their head and heart aren't in the right place. I'm blessed that hasn't happened to me. Foremost? I'm not one to compromise my principles, morals or values. It's easy to describe what one deserves.....Someone loyal. Someone serious about true friendship.
"Declaration of friendship"....when you're with someone who cares about the things you try to do, someone you can confide your deepest thoughts and feelings to. When you're with someone you trust, in never needing to pretend, someone who helps you know yourself, you know you've found a friend. ALWAYS & FOREVER!
So, Ms. Lady, look to the horizon, see my smile, feel my presence.
Horizons do not change. They remain horizons, always distant, flat, fired with color or darkness, but still distant, flat and unreachable. It is the journey that is life's reward.
To express my gratitude to you, as in this moment.....to share my journey....
Thank You,

This moment was meant to

be shared - to look out my window

dreams - of Destiny - Shared - the

warmth of your hand - an inspiring

touch - the smile on your face - that

sparks the warmth of my heart - to

know you, to meet you - a dream

come true - from sunrise to sunset ...

visions of you....from roses to snowflakes

the tenderest touch ... as destiny has

brought us together....I never knew love

could mean this much - this moment

with you - a dream come true....

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