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                       Greetings to one and all!!                                                     

First let me thank you for your time. I hope you've enjoyed my ad. My friends call me "Tears". I'm 6'5" tall, 300 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes and my D.O.B. is 10-22-75. Right now, I'm down in Ad Seg, been here for awhile and don't plan on going anywhere soon. But, don't be put off, believe it or not, I'm another victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I'm up for any conversations with anyone, there's gotta be lonely people out there that need encouragement and comfort, just like me. I'm a great listener and I'm a very curious person, but I respect other's privacy.

My hobbies and interests are arts and crafts (as you can see in my pictures), writing poetry and novelettes, reading, just about anything I can, playing chess, Xianggi, Shogi, RPG's etc.....listening to all kinds of music and I just really enjoy meeting new people to share time, views, artwork and life with.

My only real turnoff is dishonesty. I don't discriminate, everyone's welcome to write, so please don't stereotype me because of my position, not everybody in prison are bad people. Just some mistakes are bigger than others. I've had a pretty crazy and interesting life and when I thought things couldn't get any worse, I was introduced to TDCJ....." Big Mistake!"

But, now that I'm here, I wish to make the best of my time. Hopefully, we can become pen pals, I don't have many of 'em! Most of the time, I occupy myself with various paper and string crafts. So, if you're an artist yourself, I would love to discuss and share ideas and techniques or if you just have a comment, question or request, feel free to write.

Eagerly Awaiting....."T"

"Omnia vincit amor Hine illae lacrimae Ut supra - infra"
"Love conquers all things hence these tears as above - so below."

"Sad at Best"

At night while I hold myself
And look upon my inner shelf
I cry tears so bittersweet,
Of a love long sought
And a pain long brought
And only now allowed to see.

A wasted life
And burned out strife
Is all I'll have to show,
And these shattered dreams
Bring on the screams
As more tears begin to flow.

All those empty promises made
And hollow games I played
Paints this picture bright,
What can tomorrow hold
When my souls been sold
To a misery that chokes me tight?

Once strength was found
I was heaven bound
But now it seems so long ago,
Now I sit alone
As the truth is shown
And I suffer my burden so.

And when the days turn long
And death sings her song
When I'm finally laid to rest,
A pity will be borne
Of my memory that's torn
By a life so sad at best.

"Clipped Wings"

They built his cage, all gilded and pretty
Covered it with flowers, so sparkly and bright
Then locked him away, to be lonely and cold
So afraid, they kept this monster, out of sight.

Time passed so slowly, year after year
No hope of a reprieve, could he see
Till one day, a beautiful sight came to visit
So vibrant was she, flying so free.
With patience, he coaxed her near
With love, he gained her trusts
And with this kindred spirit
He shared all his secrets and lusts.
But still his beauty was free
While alone he remained caged
And off she would flutter and fly
Teasing him till he cried and raged.
But eventually she would returnTo console his hurts and sorrow
And whenever she would leave
He'd patiently await the coming to tomorrow.

And he'd dream of the day
He could spread out his wings
And fly from his gilded cage
Dreaming of what delights the future brings.

Note: This was written to go with the gilded Dragon in a cage holding the butterfly.
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