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Jason Kurtz
Mailing Address:
Jason Kurtz #495483
PO Box 1000
Boscobel, WI 53805-1000
I am a 5'9", Caucasian, Christian Male, D.O.B. 06-14-76; Interested in movies, the beach, skiing, snowmobiling, working out, friendly correspondence, going to church, jet skiing, wave boarding and more. I enjoy nature walks, sports cars, health clubs, family, friends, vacations and writing others. I like most styles of music, favoring House,  and love any neon color and purples. I seek nice, kind, friendly correspondence from women only, ages 18-40.
I am single, never married, no kids , don't smoke, was convicted of possession and delivery in '06. I'd like to hear from you. If interested, write to me at the above address.
What I would like is a whole lot of people to write for holidays, birthday, special occasions, etc.... I'm faithful and friendly and would love a girlfriend. Free holiday cheer, all throughout the year, right to your mailbox! I'm trying to get 10 / 20 people to write to who would like to get several holiday cards throughout the year.
I'd like to have a pretty girlfriend to write to, I'd also like a Ferrari, a house in Malibu, an acting career/gig....my own gym chain, a family of my own, and all my hopes and dreams to come true. Too much to ask for? .............Pretty much I guess, but as the Bible says, " you have not, cause you ask not", so I should start asking, " I think", right?

God Bless!

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