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Morris Jones
Mailing Address:
Morris Jones #KN4117
SCI Houtzdale
P.O. Box 1000
Houtzdale, PA 16698

Hey, What's up? My name is Morris Anthony Jones. My family and friends call me " Tone". I'm a S.B.M., with plenty of time on my hands. I'm a down to earth person with a good sense of humor. I have a serious side, but at the same time I love to laugh. I consider myself to be a sincere and loyal person. I don't make it my business to prejudge others. After all, we are who we are and therefore, we're going to be who we're going to be. Ya feel me? I've got a decent conversation and I'm a good listener. To sum it all up, I'm cooler than the fan on a hot summer day..Happy Yellow & Orange Summer. Sun Images, Spinning Floor,and Fan Images.
My hobbies are jogging, reading, listening to R & B, playing chess and of course, writing letters.

I'm hoping to meet a nice woman, who isn't judgmental and has a good sense of humor. Someone who is going to be herself and doesn't expect me to be anyone other than myself with her. Hey! and before I go any further, I want you to know that I'm not looking for someone to support me. I'm fortunate enough to have a family out there, that loves me and gives me all the financial support I need. I'm simply looking for a down to earth woman, to share my thoughts and that much needed smile with. Ya' feel me?

With that said, I'm going to let you get back to your day. However, if by chance you are feeling what you have just read, then drop me a line or two. I would love to hear from you. Race and age aren't important to me and I can promise you that your letter will not go unanswered.

Enjoy your day,

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