Jeremy Jones K 6608
CCRCF Pod 1 Bed # 33
120 Lancaster Circle
Houston, MS 38851





















Dear Ladies,

     Looking for friends and maybe something more.  I'm 29 years old, White male, with tan skin, 5'11", 175 lbs., brownish, blonde hair and green eyes.  I'm attracted to different types of women. 

     I've been locked up 10 years and get out 2012.  I have time sheets to prove my release.  I receive earned time off my sentence every month for good behavior.  My sentence isn't mandatory.  I was 19...very young when I came to prison.  My charges are ( accidental) manslaughter, and a separate burglary, auto theft.  I like to be completely honest and straight forward.  While growing up, I made a lot of mistakes.  I'm not a bad person and am willing to show and prove this. 

     I'm not looking for personal or financial help.  I have full support from my family that care for me and visit me regularly.  I have one daughter, 11 years old, that I love very much.  I'm from a small town in Mississippi called Cleveland.  This is where I grew up most of my life while free.  I like all kinds of music new and old.  I enjoy writing letters and I'm a very understanding person.  There's all kinds of stuff I like to do;  watch movies, talking, eating at home peacefully and cuddling.  I'd love to enjoy myself with a good woman upon release in a positive way. 

     If you are interested you can also E Mail me at 866-345-1884.  On the E Mail you have to put your address in the letter because it's not on the paper when I get it.  Hope to hear from you soon.  I'm eager to write and talk more. 

       thanks.....Jeremy Jones

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