Eugene Jones 39


Eugene Jones
Mailing Address:
Eugene Jones #95B1881
Elmira Correctional Facility
1879 Davis St P.O. Box 500
Elmira, NY 14901
I'm interested in reaching beyond these prison walls and making contact with new, interesting people;  Because of a childhood mistake, I've been incarcerated since sixteen!

Even though I've been in prison so long,  I prefer to look on the bright side of life and move forward with positive growth.

I'm a God fearing Christian man.  I believe the reason for this life is to help and love each other and I'm empowered by this understanding.  That's why I worked as a Teacher's Aid,........ helping guys learn to read and get their GED, prior to living in this facility.  I'm disease and drug free also, but quitting is extremely hard!  ( But, I'm working on it!)

I'm goal oriented and family is very important.  I like to read romantic novels ( guilty pleasure!) and creative writing is something I've gotten into of late.  While I can be serious if the need arises I prefer to joke around, have fun and make others smile.  Not at all into stressing people out;   I love a honest conversation, though.

I'd love to meet someone with a connection to God, is positive about people and life and I'm also ready to embrace something new.
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